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Internationale Water Week: Water Related to Sustainable Energy

01-11-2011 tot --


From October 29 to November 4, the city of Amsterdam will host the first International Water Week in the Netherlands (IWW). The IWW highlights integrated solutions covering the entire water cycle. One of the conferences that will be organized during the week of the event is the conference Water Related to Sustainable Energy on November 1st and 2nd.

Worldwide problems related to finite fossil fuels and phosphorus resources, water scarcity due to climate change and a disproportionate activation of nitrogen urges the limitation of energy and water use and related recovery and reuse of resources. Increasing urbanization enforces a new approach towards water, energy and nutrient consumption and production. Integrated combinations in the field of water, energy and waste are necessary to find solutions to the challenges we face. Waste can be seen as a raw material and turned into a resource again. Highly promising solutions are being demonstrated across the world. New technologies, total solutions and business models are proving inspiring. For instance, the use of the thermal and chemical heat of surface water, waste water and groundwater represents a source of new opportunities. Combining technologies in the field of nutrient recovery, heat recovery, seasonal thermal energy storage, geothermal energy, biogas production, wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy.

During the conference, total solutions and business concepts for cities, industrial areas and rural areas will be presented and discussed. The conference will consist of a two day session and will focus on Water related to Sustainable Energy. But also smart waste solutions will be shown. On the third day excursions are taken place. The core of the conference is the use of new technologies integrated to product-marketcombinations. During this congress total solutions and business concepts in cities, industrial areas as well as rural areas will be showed and discussed.

Voor meer informatie en registratie zie leaflet en de website van de international water week 2011.